Undergrad sues UiTM over molest

By : V. Shankar Ganesh (NST Online 28/5/09)

SHAH ALAM: A second-year undergraduate is suing Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) for negligence after a man entered the girls’ hostel and sexually assaulted her in the bathroom.

The 21-year-old hotel and tourism management student is suing the university after she failed to get answers from the university administration about the incident. She filed her suit at the Sessions Court here on Tuesday, claiming general, exemplary and aggravated damages.

 She claimed that in the incident in November last year, a man dressed as a woman wearing a black bra went into the girls’ hostel and tried to rape her. According to her police report, she was having her bath at 5am on the second floor bathroom of Kolej Seroja in the Section 7 campus.

She said someone knocked on the cubicle door and when she asked who it was, the person asked her to open the door. She described the voice as that of a man trying to imitate a woman. When she refused to open the door, the man forced it open.

 She said a naked man barged in and molested her. She screamed for help but nobody came to her aid. She managed to run out of the cubicle but slipped and fell at the bathroom entrance.

 The student said the man also ran out of the bathroom and minutes later, other students saw a man wearing only shorts and a black bra walking out of the hostel. Shah Alam member of parliament Khalid Samad and the student’s lawyer, Mohamed Hanipa Maidin, revealed this at a press conference here yesterday.

The victim was not present. Hanipa said the university only gave his client extended leave when they should have given her proper counselling and investigated the incident.

 Khalid said the victim’s family approached him for help in December last year and Hanipa had sent a letter to UiTM asking them for more information and damages. “But there was no response. We were left with no choice but to file the suit,” he said.

When contacted, UiTM legal adviser Dr Aidar Dziyauddin said the university had yet to receive the court documents. He said he needed to go through the statement of claim before he could comment on it.

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This is not the 1st time la, UiTM Shah Alam oii!!..we ‘ve heard this before and in 2003 there were serial cases where the girls were being raped in their own room. Remember ‘Kolej Mawar Rape Cases’? No action were taken by Ibrahim Abu Syah’s administration.All they can say is “..it was just a rumours and if it is really happened,..it is just an isolated case..” ..WTF!??

So there you go. Now you got it. A really big smack in your face.You asked for it. The girl should claim millions buck from UiTM Shah Alam for negligence and breach in security.

Talking about UiTM Shah alam security, who can forget the famous ‘UiTM Pak Guard’? the fierce a la military security force that only concern to penalize the students for tiny felony like not wearing proper shirts, parking tickets and all sort of tiny-minor unlogical things that you cannot think of. Ironically, the foreign construction workers are free to roam in the Uni compound ,going in and out ,without any harrasment from the guards. I m not saying that those workers are the rapist or the molestors but hey, go figure la.Bukak Mata sikit!!

and where are those MPPs (Student Representatives) who supposed to fight for the students’ right to think, learn and express themselves? ..and not to forget, to fight for the  students’ right to feel safe and secured in the university.

Or maybe they just busy pleasing the administration and busy marching on the street of Shah Alam..fighting for Artikel 153?   


4 Responses to “Undergrad sues UiTM over molest”

  1. The strange thing is, if the security guards are that focused on “proper apparel”, why didn’t they notice a guy walking around in a bra and shorts? =S Suspicious non? =/

    On the other hand, the school might have been turning a blind eye, as they didn’t want to menjatuhkan muka. Who knows what’s really going on behind the scenes? Maybe they’re trying to investigate without making a fuss, still, they really should have responded to the poor girl, and also make it clear of course, that any other molestation/rape attempts will be prevented.

    In my opinion, the university needs to work on telling the difference between “enforcing school rules” and “protecting its students”

  2. aww man, i’m goin to UiTM this end of june. Now I’m scared 😦

  3. sigh… this country…

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