Surprisingly, i received awesome comments and feedbacks from my fellow comrades. I thought u guys never bother about this , especially my varsity friends in UiTM.
Keep it up.More feedbacks please. What u see now is Democracy At Work.

Below are some feedbacks which i think intelligent enough to be post while others are so lame and obnoxious,which i view as inappropriate to be view.Kinda shocked to know that they ‘re actually sent by UiTM studs and grads. (U know who u are…) 

ok here we go!!

The Cons:

Feedback 1:


even though u are my fren, sorry to say … i feel u are such a hypocrite… u will agree to what ever ur so called leader said… never thinks the pros n cons… thinklah…!!! jangan jadi buta hati!!! ask Nik Aziz, what his opinion about this UiTM issues… so far, i haven’t heard anything from PAS… mana semangat perjuangan melayu, tegakkan bangsa melayu,selamatkan bangsa melayu, which u speak so loud before this? u want multi-racial uni, we’ve already got UM, UKM, UPM, UNITEN.. to name a few…. i’m not as intelligent and knowledgable about politics and all that like u, k-e …but i wonder, why want to disturb UiTM???… doesn’t selangor government has anything better to do?!!! there’s a lot of other issues that was raised during election haven’t been settled yet… n what about UNITAR? as far as i know, that uni is 100% chinese… nobody ever raised any issue about it… if they can have uni only for chinese, why not us? why that ‘perlembagaan’ be such an issue???…i wonder…
government + opponent = crack people… who are the victims? just think!

K-E Said:

Yes.Sometimes i can be a hypocrite asshole but we all have a little hypocrisy inside of us.Duncha think?

It’s not a matter of agreeing or not-to-agree to whatever my "so-called-Leader" said.What he ( Khalid Ibrahim) said is represent of what he think. He is being a politician and he is just doing his job.It is what we pay him to do. There’s nothing right or wrong in his statement.It is just an idea. At least, he gave something fresh for us to think and not like those lame issues about "Bocor" or "Angkat Keris".BTW, Selangor MB was a GM of Guthrie and CEO of some GLCs and conglomerates before this.So, as a business grad,can i accept a suggestion from a business leader?..off course i can.

Anyway, whatever you think or say about the new State Gov, the people of Selangor already chosed the opposition to rule.As a Kelantanese,i only can share their vision and hopes to see some changes in this state.It takes time to get things back in order.They only ruled for 6 months and off course it’s not enough to settle everything.Most of the people understand this. That’s why i didnt see or heard any Malay residents in Shah Alam or any towns,joined the ‘protest march’ with those ‘5000’ UiTM Students who obviously don’t know why and what they’re marched for.

Correct me if im wrong but you wont hear anything from PAS about this.These Malay issues is irrelevant to them because in Islam, there’s no such thing as single dominant race in an Islamic country.Im not pious or religious enough  but i do understand that in ISlam, we cannot segregate the people’s rights based on their ethnicity.No one can considerer as ‘special’ or  ‘master’.  Remember the "Dark Ages" (Jahilliyah) era before The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?Where the all the Arabs Jahilliyah tribes go for war because of ‘Kabilah’ (tribal) mentality?And came The Prophet ,with His creation of Islamic Republic of Medina where all its citizens were given equal rights, regardless of races and religions.And do you believe if i say that, Thomas Jefferson  refer to many books before he wrote the Declaration Of Indepence of USA, and one of the book is Quran(given by the diplomats of Morocco) where he took the model of Medina? Up to u, to believe or not but i took that as a consideration. Bottomline is, what UMNO’s Malay Agenda is totally contradicted with ISlam’s principles or even their own ISlam Hadhari.(Anyway,can someone tell me what is Islam Hadhari?) 

And since when i "talked loud" about the " Semangat perjuangan melayu, Tegakkan bangsa melayu,Selamatkan bangsa melayu..etc etc?"Is it during our class or during our hang out session? I still remember that i never talk about "Agenda Melayu" whenever we meet.We always talked bout business,right?

and..Selamatkan Bangsa Melayu…from what??Are you saying that, by open up UiTM, Malay will be left out and will lose? . are you saying that Malay students are not competent enough to ‘race’?Are you saying that Malay are not good enough to face the free market?are you saying that Malay is not qualified to be in any "league"?

Looks like you underestimated the Malay yourself.in fact, you are downgrading the Malays.It’s really insulting and i feel offended by your statement

and all i can see is we have to Save the Malays from those UMNO’s stigma and release ourselves from their iron claws.

And What the hell is Semangat perjuangan melayu, tegakkan bangsa melayu or perhaps, Ketuanan Melayu?
What i understand is, Ketuanan Melayu is just a political illusion created by UMNO to create fear among the Malays,so that we have to cling and rely on them for every thing that involves the Malays,especially the country’s wealth.They have being Intimidate the Malays for soo long. Spreading the ideas that their are the saviour of the Malays’ survival.Same goes to the chinese and Indians with their heroes of MCA and MIC. This is what happened since our forefathers chosed The Alliance (now BN) , a British’s proxy to rule this Federation to preserve their colonial system of "Divide and Rule" (Pecah dan Perintah) .So, its sounds more  like ‘Ketuanan UMNO" for me.

That is, If you refer to the simple history text book (form 3: Sejarah Malaysia) and you will be curious why The British simply "gave" Independence for Malaya, (a rich and wealthy territory that will give enough resources for The Empire for another hundred years) and you will asked yourself why Dato’ Onn Jaafar,the founder of UMNO left that ‘Malay Organization’ before the 1st election of 1955 and create Parti Negara ,a single multi-races party .For me, "Ketuanan Melayu" is an obsolete idea .Out Of Date. Just like the Klu Klax Klan (KKK) who demand for ‘White Supremacy’ over the Blacks in 1920’s USA. Even Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party never won Aussie’s heart because their racist agenda towards the Asian.  Go figure.

AND IT IS NOT UNITAR, IT IS UTAR. UNITAR is UNiversity Tun Abdul Razak and UTAR is University TUn Abdul Rahman.Please get your facts straight 1st because it is not 100% chinese university.Got some indians too.If it got 100% chinese, off course it should be because it is a MCA owned Uni. As a conservative Chinese party, off course they only concerned about Chinese only.Just like their counterpart,UMNO.MIC is also building an All-indians University in Perak now.See how ‘ Muhibbah’ our country under BN?..
Honestly speaking, if UiTM opened to all, there wont be any UTAR or Indian’s University at first place.There wont be any low quality private colleges existed (which currently con and cheats SPM leavers which some of them are Malays).What happened now, is the chain-reaction .For example, UTAR is the result of Chinese retaliation towards UiTM policy. Anyway, If the Chinese want to be racist or ethnocentrics towards us, let them be ,but the Malays shouldnt be racist towards other because we are known to have the beautiful culture of "Timbang-rasa"(consideration) and "Tolak Ansur" (tolerant).For example, i hate to shop at PETALING STREET because of those rude Chinese traders.Im not being racist but it’s a fact and coincidentaly, i prefer those Malay traders in any Uptown Hawkers,which is friendlier and easy to bargain.(i dun understand why Tourism Malaysia put Petaling Street as Malaysian Tourist Map).

Anyway,no matter how beautiful our Malay culture and attitude is,UMNO will always make us ugly and become a laughing stock to others.

So,the Victims?.. We already became the victim since day one of Independence under UMNO.

Feedback 2:


would u vote ‘yes’ if that suggestion came from the BN people? i wonder….
dun forget…. after all, u are one of us… anak-anak uitm… or maybe u’re just wasting ur time there? poor u…

K-E said:

YES. i would vote ‘yes’ even it came from BN rep.I did mentioned that i will disregard political prejudice as long it is a strong and constructive ideas.But unfortunately,i have yet to hear any good ideas from BN people.
I wont forget that im from UiTM.That’s why i really concerned about those "anak-anak UiTM" who being used by those ass-wiping and boot-licking MPP who always trying hard to please the Admin,especially that "UMNO proxy" VC, Ibrahim ‘ Broery’ Abu Shah.

Don’t you remember how these MPP fags make our life miserable everytime we tried to organize any events for Business School?The fact that we cannot do "outside the box" way of handling things?They even want to dictate our Senior Prom Night!!We cannot be creative at all.

Yes..poor me..poor me that i didnt have the chance kick those MPP butts real hard during my studies.

off course , i already think of the pro and cons but based on SWOT, i found out that, opening up actually give alot of advantages to UiTM and the students.Here i give 3 findings:   

1) The Network in the Industries:
Since we have multi-race students in UiTM, we could have a wider networking in the industries in the future.For example, a Malay fresh grad from UiTM could have easier access to be employed by a MNC since we have a senior grad in that company although he/she is a non-bumiputra but off course every seniors like to have ‘young cronies’ on their side.

In fact,since English is our main language, we could see all those MNC are all runs by "budak-budak UiTM",regardless of the race.
We already have thousands of UiTM networks out there,just Bumiputra alone.Just imagine if we have all races in Malaysia studied in UiTM ,from all those 14 campuses around the country.Plus, if in the future we open up to international students,don’t you think UiTM Alumni will have a strong global community and network?…and The World is ours.As a International Business grad,i totally agree with this concept.

2)  The Brand of UiTM Could be expand abroad:
As UiTM  enrolled international students,it is time to expand the branding abroad.As MARA and UiTM is focused on developing the mind and talent of Middle Class and also the Lower Class citizen of Malaysia, the concept can be the example for other developing countries.In the future, there will be  UiTM Cawangan Phnom Penh , Cawangan Dhaka or perhaps UiTM Cawangan Dubai.

3) UiTM: Listed in World Top Universities
I am sure UiTM can beat the hell out of UM ,UKM or whatever Uni in Malaysia ,since UiTM concentrated more on practical learning than theory.If you guys noticed or still remember, we are force to use our right brain more than our left brain in class.
However, to be listed , a university cannot restricted the entrance to a single ethnicity only.
Sometimes i wish my non-bumi friends can see what i learnt during my days in UiTM so they know that UiTM grads is actually as good as Overseas grads and we’re also competent in the work market.That’s why we need to open up.

Feedback 3:

eiii..Honestly, am so shocked!.i think i lost respect to u already.sorry.

K-E said:
No problem. No need to respect me.Just respect the freedom of speech and Democracy.Off course not all with agreed with what we think,rite?

"..Maybe i do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to
the death your right to say it… " ~François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire)

Feedback 4:

Ko nak khianat bangsa ko sendiri ke, bro?

K-E said:

UMNO dah lama khianat orang Melayu,bro.They sells us out for soo long.Dah lama kita kena jual.

Feedback 5:


K-E said:
i dunno how to responses to this one.

The Pro:

Adly said:

I love point num 3. BTW if u are a uni status higher learning institution (+ fall under AUKU, you are obliged to open up.. if you wish to remain di bawah tempurung then by all means change back to "ITM".. no wonder our Unis fail to enter the list of top unis in the world..

Farhanim said:

hey k-e i had just read your bulletin, thought you did joined the parade, but glad that you think out of the box. Well, the naive students were being manipulated, so they would perceived that the Gov as the guardian of the Malay rights. Cant totally blame them. So sick of the gov fuckup twisted agenda. Playing racial card again and again. I agree with you. Hope to see you lead a campaign to raise the awareness, since you’re an ex-UiTM.Good luck.:)

K-E said:


I stress my point that, education issue is much more important than a race issue. Education is not only about exams and project papers but also how the students responded and assimilate to the ever changing surroundings.
I have few cases which i can say as the Oppression to the Malays,but the question is , where all those 5000 "brave anak-anak UiTM" who claimed to be "saviour of the last Malay defence"?do u still remember these?:

1) Kg Berembang Case (Ampang KL):
The Majority of the residents are Malays and lived there since Merdeka.They’re chased out from their land because Acmar International (a Chinese company)want to build "international condos". The question is, where all those 5000 anak-anak UitM?

2) Pasar Borong Selayang Case:
The Malay traders were chased out by a chinese ‘taiko’ by using intimidation from  foreign gangster of bangladesh and Nepal.The question is ,where are those "brave" 5000 anak-anak UiTM?

3)Suria KLCC Case:
The Malay retailers are slowly being chased out by an Australian Manager. He suddenly raised the rental for Suria, but the weird part is, the increase only involved Malay premises. Kelantan’s Delight already left Suria and now only 1901 Hotdogs and Levi’s Store( moved to small outlet at 3rd floor) are trying to survive and defending the "Ketuanan Melayu" at Suria KLCC.The question is,where all those 5000 "brave" anak anak UiTM. The ironic part is, those anak-anak UiTM still proudly shops at Suria KLCC eventhough the management are trying to kill their own people.( and where is UMNO,DPMM or even this so called PEKIDA?)

4) Kg Rimba Jaya case ,Shah Alam:
Same case like Kg Berembang, with majority of Malays being chased out from their land by previous MBSA.

5) Malay’s Satay and Restaurant Demolishing, Klang:
If u still remember , the famous Klang rep,The late Dato’ Zakaria demolished all Malay restaurants in a spot in Klang to build a new restaurants joint for his sons and daughters at the same spot.

and other issues like Malay poverty (Poor Malay kids drop-out from school) issues or even the simple Oil price hike or "Fair Election"(BERSIH) issues..i  hardly can see those 5000 anak-anak UiTM ,marched on the street to protest..

I know it’s kinda hard to shift from comforts and the feeling of secured. But its time to think and talk about our country’s survival instead of Malay’s Survival issue.And we must utilise all our strenghts and talents,regardless of colours. There are enough cake for everyone to SHARE.

So, This coming MERDEKA..It’s time for Malaysian to really SHARE Malaysia.


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  1. no komen la k.e…. aku ng jack tukang bace je..kan jack kan?heheh..

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