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Me, My Dad And PETRONAS…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on July 12, 2008 by Otak Biru

I received an email from a ‘PETRONAS’ friend. It is like a counter reply to all the accusation made to PETRONAS.  I don’t really remember when  this accusation about PETRONAS being a ‘evil-greedy-capitalist-blood sucking’ corporation really started, but all i can say is, it’sgetting hot recently, since the oil price hit RM2.70 per litre.

On one side, the accuser, accused PETRONAS to intentionally increase the oil price in this country and at the same time, ripping off Malaysian money by selling out ‘C’ grade oil for the price of ‘A’ grade oil, which PETRONAS export it with lower price. (READ: ‘A’ grade Malaysian oil).  Now,i don’t know how far is the truth about that because i am not a fucking ‘oil and gas’ engineer but i think i can understand the ranking between ‘A’ to ‘C’.

Anyway, the staff and the workers of PETRONAS are not excluded from the bashing.They’re claimed to get 16-18 month bonus from the salary and it getting doubled since the price hike. I don’t know why and how this bonus thing can become an issue to other Malaysian but maybe because PETRONAS is a GLC entity and we, Malaysian perceived its staff as ‘Government Servants’and they didnt deserved to get big paycheck while the people are suffering.

On the other side, the defender, strongly stand behind PETRONAS and state all the reason and justification against those allegation made.  Mostly in a technical explaination.  Again, i am not an engineer but i do think what they explained, really make sense.

Anyway, i am not really concern to believe or to deny those allegation or justification above because:
1) The world oil price is determined by the gobal oil cartel, and then decided by the
2) I’m going green:- Thinking about installing NGV tank in my car lately.

but what my big concern is,  PETRONAS is being used by BN leaders to feed themselves and their families for soo long and the latest ‘Conspiracy Theory’ which really worries me is that, the famous Son-In-Law, Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) is actually trying to get PETRONAS for himself.  From the email, the writer claimed that KJ has a personal vendetta over PETRONAS’s CEO, T.S Hassan Merican as he is not that easy to be replace with KJ’s people. Half of the bosses in Malaysian GLCs are being replaced with KJ’s men , including Khazanah Holdings. PETRONAS is seems to be the Holy Grail for KJ because if he can gain control of PETRONAS , is like he can gain control of this country. A bad news as i heard that he has this some-kind of connection with Singapore..and this where my political sense comes in but more than that,i do feel a little bit emotional when it involving PETRONAS.

I am not trying to be sentimental but i do admit it, as a Malaysian, i really love PETRONAS.

i grew up with fact, we all grew up with PETRONAS..

i remember when i was a little kid,dad used to take me on a evening drive in the town of Kota Bharu and he will make sure  the tank is full with the gas first. Back in the 80’s (and  i think now)..Sultan Ibrahim Street is known as the ‘road with many Gas Stations’ in KB.

i noticed that everytime when dad want to fill up the gas, he will always go to this green and white station with a symbol of a water or oil drops. So i asked my dad, why he always like to come to this station and not the other stations on the street ,while pointing my finger to another gas stations along the strecth.

So he said, " Well , Abe (Abang)..because BP is belong to Britain, Caltex is belong to America, Shell is belong to Holland.."

"..and this belong to us.." Dad proudly said.

I was like 5 or 6 years old that time and when i heard that,  i really thought that gas station..that PETRONAS gas station is really -really belong to my dad when  he said, it belong to us!

So, in class,when the teacher asked what is my father’s occupation, i just said, he is a businessman and he owns a oil company named PETRONAS.Off course the teacher wont believe this 7 years old boy when he said he is the son of PETRONAS owner .So, the sweet teacher then corrected my statement;

"..maybe your dad owns a PETRONAS gas station instead?.." . I obediently replied with a headnod,

And the consequence of that misunderstanding was, the school PTA (PIBG) keep asking donations and some ‘contribution’ from my dad for school events like the sports day or even PTA meetings.Dad was so pissed-off everytime  he received school donations letter  which ‘kindly’ indicate him to donate at least few hundreds. The funny part was, he will ask me the same question i want to ask him;

" who do your teacher think i am? Tauke minyak ka?". I only could stand there and frightenedly replied " i don’t know..i don’t know.."

Years goes by and PETRONAS have become one of the ‘big boys’ in the oil industry. It is one of the key player in oil exploration worldwide and becoming respectful global brand with its logo on a F1 car.

Well, i have my own car now and dad, is still using PETRONAS with pride until now and i don’t think he will change to other ‘foreign’ brands as long he owns a car.We almost had a big argument one day  just because i don’t want to fill up at PETRONAS anymore.For me, i have not using PETRONAS for years. I’m not really sure why but it started when i have these so-called economic and political awareness and i believed that, if i consumed PETRONAS, means i feed those ungrateful BN leaders with more money.
until i realized that PETRONAS is not ‘guilty’ for all the shit happening in this country. We need to find other way to eradicate those greedy BN leaders and boycotting PETRONAS wont solve the issue.To boycott PETRONAS is like to kill this country,To kill ourselves and It’s also like killing our own childhood memory…my childhood memory,especially with my dad.I just don’t want to loose anything that belong to me.

So, shall i start a new campaign?  perhaps "SAVE PETRONAS" campaign?

Well,doesnt matter how bad the things goes, PETRONAS should know how to take care of itself since it only employs "geniuses" and "smart people-with-high-CGPA and good college grades ", so people like me who have low CGPA in college, don’t have to worry.

By the way,this is not a story about patriotism because Merdeka Day is still another 2 months.