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Posted in ASEAN with tags on January 12, 2008 by Otak Biru

It seems that we have a ‘friendly neighbour’ indeed.They come, they stay and they shit in our home. The worst part is,they have being backstabbing us for so long.

Yeah, my country is not a perfect country.It’s not a f*cking utopia.It’s screw up now and we got some issues to talk but please ,among Malaysian only…’Neighbours’ are excluded.And the most important thing is,..NO ONE CAN TALK SHIT BOUT MY COUNTRY! MY HOMELAND!..Especially not from f*cking Singaporean or f*cking Indonesian.

You guys got to check this out.It’s from our ‘friendly neighbour’ which we claimed to be our ‘brothers’.(yeah rite,so much for brotherhood thingy) Yeah, it’s the home of your ‘fave’ music like Peter  Pan,DEWA 19 or that movie which Malaysian love, like ‘Ada apa dgn cinta’ or ‘Love is Cinta’
So, go ahead..take a view and ‘keep supporting’ their movies or music or whatever they bring here..(dun forget the haze or ‘jerebu’)
(A website dedicated to condemn Malaysia.All about Malaysian.From politics,the people and our way of life.It seems that everything that we do here in Malaysia is wrong to them)
(i just add this guy.Just like to know and to learn  from him,what it feel to have so much hatred in our heart)
(it started when we claimed ‘Rasa Sayang’ as our traditional song.It’s funny how a small matters can be a big polemic to them)
(This one is about hatred towards Malay in Malaysia.Just another racist slurs to the Malay.Nothing new *yawn*)
(This one is about how bad we treat the Indons Immigrants(PATI).They demand us to treat the PATI ‘delicately’ and ‘elegantly’ and with respect even thought most of them contribute to the increased crime rates in Malaysia.I think u guys already heard the story of a Malay ‘Pakcik’ in Subang Jaya who being nice to the Indons construction worker near his house.He even invited them to dinner.and guess what?Those Indons workers robbed his house and raped his daughter few weeks after that.It was in TV3 news last year…So being nice to them? yeah rite..)
(this one is totally funny and kinda’s about a group of Indon who want to ‘free’ Peninsular Malaysia.So, they formed this so-called ‘Gerakan Separatis Pembebasan Semenanjung Malaya’..
The question is,
1)Do i want to be free by these freaking-ungrateful Indons and then join INDONESIA RAYA as one of her territory (wilayah)?
2)Do i want Malaysia to be part of thousands of island territories which i think more than half of them never get any attention from Jakarta?
3)Do i want to be like Negara Acheh?
4) Do i want to see another bloodshed in front of my house from a religious clashes like what they had in Ambon or Maluku?
5) Do i want to have a special ‘permits’ just to enter and go shopping at my so-called, capital city of Jakarta?
My answer is, duh,..NO WAY..Dream on,Indons..
Funny thing about the Indonesian are, they already got so much problem in their own ‘backyard’,( e.g economic problems,unemployment,GDP ,poverty, wide social status gap ,the ‘hidden’ ethnic and religious problem etc etc) but they  always want to shit in our ‘lawn’.What is it with The Indonesian,anyway?what is wrong with them? why are they so ‘nosy’ and ‘kepochi’ about us?What the hell wrong we did to them?Don’t they realize that we have being pumping our energy and resources just to stabilize the S.E.A region and not for Malaysia only?

It’s 2008 and we are now talking about AFTA,Globalisation and borderless market.Doesnt matter how you like or hate the free market,it’s more important than talking shit and spread hatred about certain country.And for this, i feel blessed and proud to be a Malaysian.We are more adaptive,educated,opened-up ,free from hatred and off course we’re not a bunch of nosy people .   

Anyway,cannot blame them.They’re just being Indonesian.It’s only what they really good at.,..ethnocentrism.

Love,Peace and Unity…One Asia…rave on.