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Karma Is A Funny Thing…

Posted in Uncategorized on December 27, 2007 by Otak Biru

I learnt a lesson today,.. becareful when u want to reply to an  email from  a series  of mass-email,..because u wont know who gonna read your email or whether that person like the email you sent.
and also how important to have ‘ethics’ and ‘attitudes’ in sending email.

It all started few days back when i received a mass email  from a friend who also CC that email to another network of frens that even i don’t know who they are. It was just another joke sent thru chain email but then it was followed by a series of reply by the recipients.They were chatting about pregnancy or something.It was like looking a MiRC chat or YM but in email version .My inbox was full with their ‘chat’ . So, i clicked the ‘reply all’ button and sent to all recepients with hard and straight forward -clear message:

"..Weiii!! god!!!..penuh dah inbox aku nih…aku tgh tunggu email client
tau tak???
Korang penah dgr tak SKYPE or YM
or MSN???.."

OK..i admit .i replied in a very rude and ‘cruel’ was so harsh and impolite way.Soo harsh and cynical.An unethical way to replied an email. But i was in a tense moment that time.The boss are screaming for a confirmation from clients . I was in full adrenalin as the email from that client was my only saviour.It was the normal dramatic moments that you can find in IT Sales Job.

I realized that i ‘d hurt the feeling of some people in the email list with that kind of hostile email.Especially those who previously ‘chat’ thru that emails.

Later today, as i was doing some housekeeping and cleaning of my inbox ,i found one of the reply from that chain email that really  caught my attention. A guy  asking the recipients to pull his email out from the CC list if they want to have private mail reply because he was waiting for a client to confirm the contract about replacement project for Nuri helicopters. The cool part was,he also mentioned my name.

"…Jika Inbox saya penuh dengan email yang bagi saya sekadar email pinggiran ini,
maka saya minta jasa baik saudara untuk keluarkan saya dari list anda. Seperti
En. Khairy, saya juga menunggu email client saya untuk kontrak .." least he replied in a very decent and polite way.Not like my stupid reply.

You see, I m sooo in love with ‘Big Boys Toys’ and  ‘War Machines’ like helicopters,fighter jets and even guns & rifles.So, i sent an email to that dude, asking what sort of helicopter is he going to proposed to MINDEF to replace our aging ‘flying coffin’ or S-61 helicopter (NURI)and i also shared some of my opinion about that.

Clumsy enough, i clicked to "reply all’ and i forgot to erase all the other recipients email adds and then  i just click ‘send’ straight-away.It was a really stupid and clumsy mistake.

few minutes after that, a lady sent me this,also thru mass email.

"…uk aloh hang ni….

ghajin sungguh hang no
tampal2 gambaq heli..tulih2 lagi…

hang takdak kerja ka
cheq? kalau nk ckp ngan Mr Najib Mokhtar, email add dia takyah le cc kami
semua….dah2 la tu…zaman tok adam dah cerita ni.. naik basi pun ada..tak lalu
dah…tak faham ke kami semua hari tu teraccident masukkan nama hang sekali dlm
email merapu kami? tak faham ke org mintak maaf a.k.a

kalau hang bara ngan
email Mr Najib tu, hang sedaq tak email hang yang kat bawah ni seolah-olah
menghina kami semua? apa ingat kami ni duduk zaman batu ka tak tau
SKYPE or YM or
MSN???..  hang tulih panjang2 psl heli dgn tujuan apa? hang nk tunjuk kat kami
semua hang tau ka? manusia tk penah lari dr buat silap….tp kenal dgn org mcm
hang ni..laaagi la silap besaq bagi kami… sorry la aku tak tau hang sapa… tp
please please please dah-dah la tu…… kerja lain byk lagi dr nk layan email
hang ni…….!!!!!…."

it’s sounds like a really emotional reply. I found out that, she’s also one of the ‘chatters’ in the chain email.I don’t know her but she’s in Kulim,working in a very respectable international semiconductor company.

I guess my mistake is the best time for her  to have her revenge over my poyo email reply.She was waiting for this moment.It’s a pay back time for her..

I don’t want any confrontation over the email.I know it was my mistake before and i’m not the kind of guy who want to have a fight or debate with women.So,I replied personally to her saying that im sorry for CC her email.

Anyway, the lesson for today is,..don’t be rude over the email.Have courteous and be polite. Everything have their own karma.Good deeds and attitude will repay with good things and  vice versa.For me,i got backfired by my own bad attitudes.I had my karma.


I Am The Biggest Ignorance Bastard

Posted in Uncategorized on December 13, 2007 by Otak Biru

Christmas is like another 2 weeks and i already received a text message from an old buddy, inviting me for his open-house thingy for Xmas.

"Dude..come over to my place this Xmas.  u got to try ‘makan’ the Log Cake!!"

and i, like always ,trying to be funny and sarcastic, replied with the most ignorance and idiotic text ever in the history of mankind.

"..hey,do i need to bring my own utensils?hahaha.."

The later reply from him kinda short,but really showing a deep remark:

"..Dude, family don’t eat pork.."

His reply shoved me to the back. It was a shocker and i gasped.Never i felt so embarrassed with my self.It’s like someone slapped your face so hard that you cannot lift your head again.It’s like you’ve being raped!!

I’m living in a multi racial and multi religious country but yet , i didn’t really understand (or care!!) about  what are the ‘Do’ and ‘Don’ts of the other faiths.Not sensitive to others and my surrounding.The worst part is,i don’t know what my friends can eat or cannot eat. I am an ignorance -sellfish bastard!

So, to ‘express my sorry’ , i gave him a call .First i pretended that i forgot the route to his house in PJ.Then,i twisted the conversation and  asked about the upcoming dishes for the ‘food bash’ and straightly he said " Don’t worry la bro,there’s no pork or non-halal stuff for the feast.The only haram for you is some XO and  JD and that i cannot stop you la..haha"

Later, he explained that his family followed the Old Testament where pork are forbidden.It’s kinda rare nowadays,especially in Malaysia but we can find the Orthodox Christian in Saudi Arabia and Egypt still practicing this.He impressed me when he started to tell me those religious history of all  the ‘Fellowship of the Book’, – Jews,Christianity  and Islam. It’s a surprised  because for someone who puked and going ‘sasau’ in the clubs and parties,sleep around with many girls and go to church once every 5 years ,this dude is actually   f*cking religious!!

and he responded to my surprise,with some pride and arrogant tone,..

" Tau takpe!"..(Now you know!)

Later, he asked me the most intriguing question;

"Now, you as Moslem, do you really know why you guys also cannot eat or even touch pork?"

I was like ‘well, urm,..ok..urm..well,..because of..urm..". Stuttering and not really sure what should i answer to show him that im also a ‘knowledgeable-fellowship-of-the -book". I just remember an urban legend saying that if you pour Coke on a pork meat,you ‘ll see maggots and worms crawling out from the meat.So i gave it a shot.

"urm..because pork got worms..(??)"

He just laughed and said there’s more than just  worms in Pork.It is the centre of all disease.The roots for all human ailments.He started to explained about the dangerous toxin and mucus and enzyme that contains in pork meat.

I was like listening  to his Biology-medical lecture over the phone.He seems so proud with the explanation.I stopped him and asked where he got all this information or maybe he went to a medical course or something.

"hey hallo..where else? ..Internet la, brother.." ( like duhhh..why i didnt think of that at 1st place?.)

He gave me some (a lot!) of website and url  to surf to look for the infos myself but he recommended me few simple one so i wont go mess my brain with biological terms.

Yes.., i still think that im shallow and lack of knowledge.In fact, i don’t even know the reason behind ‘Do’ and ‘Donts’ of my own faith.I’m the worst of my kind.

The ironic part was, i was being lectured about ‘Why Pork is Haram’ by a fellow Christian brother.It’s sounds funny but at least i can try to use his information if any non-moslem friends ask why moslem cannot eat pork.It’s my turn to’ lecture’.

Well, if you think this nasty post is about pork,..yeap,you are right.It is about ‘Babi’. I even don’t know why  the hell i want to write about ‘Babi’ this time but if i wasn’t being an ignorance Moslem who sent a  ‘wrong’ text message to a Christian friend, ‘Babi’ wouldnt came into the picture.(oink oink oink..heheheheh)

well..anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!