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Now i ‘m being honest and i guess, i’ll see you around , someday…

Posted in Uncategorized on November 22, 2007 by Otak Biru

I’ve been getting some few responses from fellow ‘friends’ which enquire the ‘unavailability’ of my self-pictures in my profile. Actually, this being going on since few years back when I first joined Friendster in 2003.

For some unexplainable reasons, I never had the intention to post my pictures or photos  in my profile. Well, off course due to the lack of interesting graphics of myself , I don’t find any suitable snapshots or moments to share. Plus , visually, i got this sloppy and horny-geeky appearance which i don’t think  really appropriate to be in this perfect world of beautiful people. Just apparently, I feel that, this assumption makes  a f*cking hypocrite out of me.

Anyway, are some few  interesting ‘enquiries’ and responses from my fellow ‘friends’ which I still can remember :

1)    “ Dude, doesn’t matter how butt-ugly you are, just put ur pictures on. Gals love honest guys..”

2)    “hiihihihi.. Nak tanya sikit leh? Hihihihihi Nape ye you tak mau letak pic u dalam friendster u?..hihihi..sorry just asking hihihi..”

3)    “ Letak la gambar ko,bro..nanti senang aku nak cam ko kalau jumpa ko tgh lepak..”

4)    xx_reen_xx said ,”..Want me to add u as my friend? Post your pictures first and let see if I want to approve you. I don’t want to make friend with a ugly freak,ok?..kapish?..”

Here are some recent ones..

5)    Vanessa said , "..hey, im just ‘wondering’, why dont u ever put ur pic or our pic in ur fs?? "

6)    Rizwan, "..letak ler gambar koo.."

7)    Mat Jarl said, “..weii parok budok nih! ..aku nok cam guano kalu mu tok buh gamba.”

8)    Masymul Hisham said, “..bubuh la gamba mu..”

9)    Urban Vibe said ,"..awat hang tak letak gambo  hang ek..i alreadi puas tgk ur not so
called urself picture la..i think everybody feels the same.."

The below is one of my favourite!!:

10)    ‘Hamba Allah’ said , “.. U know what? I think u r a pervert or a sex maniac.or perhaps ,you are a serial rapist. You cheated gals to meet u and  then you rape them. That’s why u never put your pic in your profile.!!”   

And many more…..

So, right now im going to be honest to all my ‘friends’. Perhaps, going transparent is the exact word. Who knows, maybe someday we bump into each other in the LRT subway or at ‘Mamak’ or  even perhaps, at your friends’ wedding….

Song Title :Honestly
Artist: The Cartel

Please don’t mind what I’m trying to say ’cause I’m, I’m being honest
When I tell you that you
You’re part of the reason I’m so set on the rest of my life
Being a part of you
You tell me what you think about being open,
About being honest with yourself

‘Cause things will never be the same.

So I guess I’ll see you, I’ll see you around
I’m spinning while I’m falling down
Now you know why I’m begging you to stay

And don’t waste time getting to the point, ’cause I’m, I’m patiently waiting
For your next phone call, your next excuse for losing sleep again
Tell me what you think about being open,
About being honest with yourself

‘Cause things will never be the same

So I guess I’ll see you, I’ll see you around
I’m spinning while I’m falling down
Now you know why I’m begging you to stay

‘Cause I can’t stop it now
It’s so amazing how
I know I cant, I could never walk away

How can we resolve this now
We let it go, and wonder how
This can never be the same
Can never be the same

So I guess I’ll see you, I’ll see you around
I’m spinning while I’m falling down
Now you know why I’m begging you, I’m begging!

‘Cause I can’t stop it now,
It’s so amazing how,
I know I cant, I could never walk away.

Please don’t mind what I’m trying to say, ’cause I’m, I’m being honest.


Ada Apa Dengan Filem Indonesia??

Posted in Uncategorized on November 18, 2007 by Otak Biru

I got a confession to make. I’m not much of a movie-goer. Don’t ask me about the upcoming movies or films because I’m not really in the loop. The only movies that will excite me are those connected to me like the recent The Transformers or those kinda movies which have provocative ideas and will challenge my brain like The Matrix Trilogy.

Recently, a friend got some extra free movie passes  and asked me to go to the movie for the ‘Guys’ Day Out’. It’s really nice of him for the thought but the title of the movie really disturbed me. It is another movie from our ‘friendly neighbour’, with the title that tells the whole world what it is all about…..: “Love is Cinta”

I know I should thank him for the free tickets but I have to say this to him….,

“..Dude,.. u gotta be kiddin me…”

Can you imagine a group of  guys watching that kind of movie? It’s not that I’m worried if we start holding hands after the movie or people might think we’re a mismatched-swap-gay couples. That’s not the issue because I don’t really give a shit what other people think.
The main issue  here is, i’m not going to spend almost 3 hours in that chilling and freezing cinema just to watch another ‘love-chick-flick’ from Indonesia.

The last time  I ‘watched’ an Indonesian movie was that ‘Ada Apa Dengan Cinta’. Not in cinema but in Mr B’s house with his pirated VCD.
First, i know i supposed to understand Bahasa Indonesia because of our similar lingua-franca thingy but I was wrong.Their language seems to be evolved.Totally different from what i used to hear before. Without any subtitles and translation, i cannot even understand a single word what they’re talking bout. All I can remember was that ‘Banget’ or ‘bangat’ word which later became so famous to be use among the Malay girls here

And  the movie is all about a guy who love to read and write poem?? …’Whow’!!, now that’s  a really “interesting” and “cool” thing for the guys to watch..(holy crap!!!)

The Result:..I didn’t  finish watching even half of the 1st VCD. I gave up

It’s not that I have this prejudice mind over Indonesian-thingy just because of some issues .Well.., we do have enough problems with those Indonesian immigrants and workers in Malaysia right now and at same time in Jakarta ,they burnt our flag in front of our embassy for whatever reasons. They also called Malaysia as ‘Maling’sia (robbers, thief) ,only because they think we stole ‘their’ Sipadan-Ligitan Islands . (like , hello.., what about Natuna Islands??duh.!!)
And they also have this policy to ‘filter’ Malaysian Art from entering their market.
Like I said before , I don’t have any grudge over that and  it is not  because of those issue that makes me soo reluctant to watch Indonesian movie.  (Coz’ i  know Malaysian Movies also  facing a big screw up right now)

Honestly, I just missed the good ol’ Indonesia movie in the 80’s.(Remember those VCR tape?)

I missed those Indonesian ‘s Silat or Laga Movies with a lot of fighting scene and action.
With macho actors and macho names like Barry Prima and Advent Bangun and many more. The movies had this ‘macho’ and awesome title like ‘Si Buta Dari  Gua Hantu’ ( The Blind from Cave of Ghost) , Jaka Sembung , Golok Setan ( The Devil’s Sword), Tarzan Rimba , or Pendekar Bukit Tengkorak (Warrior of Skull Hill).
It was a Silat plus kungfu flick.( Its like watching Crouching Tiger ,Hidden Dragon but in Silat version ) 
It’s always about good guys versus bad guys and they’ll fight in a bloody duel .It’s between life and death. It’s not so easy to whack the bad guys because they have this mystical power to make them so strong and immune from any sword. It takes a lot of courage and ‘power’ from the hero to kill them. The hero and the bad guys got awesome powers. They even can shoot some sort of laser or fireball with their bare hands
Plus they also can fly from a tree to another tree while fighting and swaying the sword.
And not to forget, those  sexy –helpless  bimbos and chicks in bikinis.
….Now, don’t you think that’s sound like a real movie for  guys???

The sad thing is now they didn’t make that kind of  movies anymore and because of that. it doesn’t make any sense for the guys to watch Indonesian movies.

I got  better idea on what to do with those free movie passes. I told him to save it for his girlfriends (Read: Plural!) or he can just give them out to all our married buddies. Well  they might hate it but i’m sure their wives will appreciate it. 

So, for that day, instead of going for the movie, we skipped the movie thing and we had a friendly game of snooker. With packs of cigarettes , icy cold soda and hard rock music at the back, it was the best way to spend our day out. The guy’s way…

Artist : Lostprophets
"Shinobi Vs. Dragon Ninja"- 2001

Got it all too high
Got it figured out,
I wanna do whatever
Laugh until september
And I seem to think that you were once here with me
Maybe I was wrong
U were moving on
And I sit and wonder
Falling under
Get my way or nothing will move on
Everyone has gone
You feel so empty, but I’ve got me a friend
And I like it
And I know u say I can’t care for someone
But are you that clever that you smile forever?
If it summer yeah…
Coz I just don’t feel it
Baby its a treaty
Maybe you are not her
And I sit and wonder, falling under
Get my way or nothing will move on
Everyone has gone.
You feel so empty, but I’ve got me a friend
And I like it, ooooooh!
Say now, got it for all of me
How do I?

P/S:  Their new album sucks big more hard moshing-diving music.