The Forgotten

Tomorrow is Merdeka and like always,like any other years, UMNO will keep boasting and force ‘the young ones’ to believe  how UMNO freed this country,and how the young generation,especially the young malays should be thankful to UMNO for what they have done.

It just another cliché.Another propaganda in their ‘machines’

Im revisiting history and as i never believe those Brit’s Proxy and Juggernauts.I never  believe what our history text book said and i will not let my children read the same text book again.

I wonder why the TVs and the media never  put these movement and people as Independence Heroes.The Brits labeled them as Terrorist and traitors in the 40’s just because they’re the radical left-wingers and want a real Malayan ‘s Freedom.

1) Partai Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya (PKMM)
2) Angkatan Pemuda Insaf (API)
3) Angkatan Wanita Sedar (AWAS)
4)Kesatuan Melayu MUda (KMM)

Ahmad Boestaman,
Ishak Mohammad
Dr. Burhanuddin al-Helmy
Shamsiah Fakeh

Just named the few..

I will be labeled as a traitor if i put MPAJA,MCP or even Chin Peng as one the freedom fighters but they really  kicked the Brit’s butt.Im not denying the fact that our army and police have shown their valors and they sacrifices their lives during the ‘Emergency’.They did their job well,with pride and dignity as soldiers and policemen. It was during ‘Cold War’ , and back then, the Western block perceived Socialist or Communist as ‘The Bad Guys’ ,bandits or terrorist..just like what they call the Moslem today in their ‘war against terrorism’.It just same old shit with a new skin.

im stressing out that Im not a  ‘commy’ nor a communist’s sympathizer.
(Mind you,my grandpa is one the machine-gunners for the Police’s ‘Jungle Squad’ in the 50’s and my dad was in the Malay Regiment for the RASCOM tour against PARAKU (Partai Komunis Kalimantan Utara) in the 70’s).

I just need some answer on why The Brits  locked API,KMM or PKMM members in the cell and tortured them by the name of ISA and chased MCP out to the jungle ,and then left the conservative UMNO as the ‘obedient son’ to be the solely freedom fighter of our  so called ‘independence’.

I just curios and i just want some that a sin? is that a treason to my country?

Anyway,im still searching the lyrics for this 3 classic Merdeka’s Songs;

1)Malaya Merdeheka (Ahmad CB)

2) Merdekalah Malaya (Zaharah Agus)

3)Bangsa Merdeka (R.Azmi)

Totally awesome songs.I never heard these songs before until i tuned to Klasik Nasional.FM (in their ‘Nostalgia’ segment).


One Response to “The Forgotten”

  1. u r complicated..huhu..dun think so much..i wouldn’t comment to this down sket..u r rebelious,full of anger..y do u have this much of hate?wohoo..i’m questioning someone yg sgt arif with me..i dun wanna know more..cheers will ya?

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