To Blog i will..

i got an email from my 13 years old cousin,inviting me to view his blog.I wonder why a  13 years old boy  want to share his personal and this so-called ‘diary’ with total strangers? so, i give it a try as it is like an obligation to the family member anyway .Personally, as a 27-goin to -be soon, nothing much that interest me.Just his daily stuff bout Linkin Park and his latest craze of Fort Minor ,some story bout his hang-out place in KB and also some info on cool places in KB.(credit goes to him!)and not to forget, about this girl in school that he likes so much.So as a cool+supportive+sempoi+happening big cousin, i gave him a big applause in reply.Saying that his blog is totally awesome .  At least , we finally have a blogger in the family, after all these years of IT-abab-SAP netweaver -whatever boom era. and he, as a Generation Y, put  me and the other Generation X’ers in the family ,down to shame.why?.Because i only get online  for emails,jobstreet ,data searching(only when necessary) , and other minor and tiny click for pornos(yeah,,,pornos!) and YM or friendster.Im the one who supposed to lead the family from the ‘age of darkness’ to the bright side of IT.Trust me.i’ve tried.It’s not that easy to explain about ‘The Net’ to the Couple of Baby Boomers in the house; Mom & Dad.But at least mom got some initiatives to know,.she once did some few clicks and that was like 7-8 years ago,during the dominant era of ‘JARING’ and off course, WIndows 95.I remembered she had a hard time to control the mouse and her body will move to the front,back,left or right ,just like the mouse everytime she moves it.I didnt see her   do-the-click ever since.And the Big Boss; Dad.Still really not sure about emails.He heard about how email can send documents within a seconds and one night he asked me a to do an important mission: To Send Very Very Urgent Mail -In Very Very Short Time,n thru email .so I just replied "yeah sure, no prob.."and my mistake of not telling him more further details about email is identified in the next morning when i found a well packed envelope on my table.It was stamped with 50cent and nicely written address and with a note that goes something like this ,"..Abe, please email this letter to the address.Urgent.Thank you"..I tried the best not to laugh in front of him but it cost me some hours to explain bout how we should send emails and then redo the whole letter into a "proper document to be save in the PC" i start to blog.but how?and what to tell?


4 Responses to “To Blog i will..”

  1. heheh,,,yup bro ithink most baby boomers gen..have a bit problem with he had to learn bcoz of work…still he have a 3rd generation handphone and yet he stil struggling to send sms…my mom case heheh she knw how….but take times to teach her and she will say it in full sentence… dad when we smsm him he will reply back..via callin hhehehe cooll…hehe..nice blog…hmm i tried to start but dont know what to say..hehe..ciao..a men who doesnt know how to shut up also dont know what to say hahahaha

  2. dude..bro..just say whatever plays in ur head.tell me some rome stories la.

  3. my mum always ask her student 2 just ym her if they need some advice or help..n it can be about skool or other matters..
    she claimed this way are more easier and cheaper , compare wif making call or sms…
    n she end up, asking me one bonus question ‘mcamane mama nak open ym ni? nak tekan mana dulu? n after she sucsessfully open her ym, obviously wif her children help( me n my sis are her permanent IT consultants)she just lepak dkt atas katil ,n will ask us,’mama punya student ada msg tak? die tulis apa? then , we will read 4 her and da next step , she just gv us sentences to reply to her student..n we need to put in da full sentence of shortform allowed!!
    sadly.da students always think that their teacher is da most-IT-updated person..ahahha..NO SHES NOT!!!n da lastime she touched the keyboard, she said to me..’mama x jumpa huruf J kat sini pon!’

  4. hahhaha….. same goes to my mum.. she have a h/p but the worst thing is she do not know how to operate her hp…hehehe n everytime people call her she will confuse which button dat she should press. she will start bubbling when she cannot ans the phone… kekdg bosan gak nak melayan tp what to do she still my mother..

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